Boek Sterke Verhalen

Raf geeft in vijf praktische hoofdstukken, op basis van zijn praktijkervaring, dé belangrijkste tips om via efficiënte storytelling tot innovatie en verandering te komen. “Dit boek geeft me concreet advies om een sterkere verbinding te maken met mijn medewerkers.” — Elke Dens, marketingdirecteur Toerisme Vlaanderen



It’s a whole new world out there. And to make it in this new world, you need a whole new story! Catch it. Create it. And connect it to this new hyper-connected world.

“It is a FANTASTIC and WONDERFUL book. I adore you, and as much as I expected, and I knew I would love it, I underestimated how good this book would be. This makes successful application of storytelling now only a matter of reading No Story. No Fans. —- Annette Simmons


Book Leadership Storytelling

In ‘On leadership, storytelling and the power of connection’ Raf Stevens shows that storytelling is the preferred tool for the leaders of the 21st century. “A strong experience with captivating examples and stories.” – Jeroen Langerock, Communications Director Belux Coca-Cola Services